I’m a Reiki Grandmaster, yogi and meditation enthusiast, former video content producer, proud mother and wife, and for five years the primary caregiver to my father who was living with Alzheimer's.

My desire to help others has led me to become a Reiki practitioner – a profession that brings me tremendous JOY!

My mother used to say that life won’t give you anything you can’t handle and I choose to live by this motto every single day.

Simple things bring me JOY. Listening to the birds sing and admiring the trees and sky on my daily walks. Spending time with family and friends, reading and dancing to some good tunes.

A yoga teacher once shared an abundance meditation with me and suggested that I recite it several times a day and see what happens. It’s been my personal mantra ever since and goes like this:

All that I need and desire comes to me

All that I have, I give away

All that I give, comes back to me tenfold

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Before becoming a Reiki practitioner, I studied fashion merchandising and pursued a career as a buyer for several years until I had my first child. I then put a pause on my profession to raise my beautiful daughter and son.

During this time, I started helping my husband produce television ads. My skills as a buyer were easily transferable to the role of producer and so we grew the business together.

We made a great team, but as of a few years ago my heart just wasn’t in the business anymore. I gradually began to step back on projects with the intention of starting a new career. I continued producing part-time while researching what I was going to do next.

I spent a year attending workshops on Dementia and became certified as a Personal Support Worker (PSW), specializing in Alzheimer and elders and as a Caregiving consultant.

How did Reiki come into my life? Take a look at My journey.