What drew me to Reiki and to become a Reiki practitioner?

I first heard about Reiki from a yoga teacher over 10 years ago, but I didn’t quite understand what it was.

Throughout the years, Reiki would come up every now and then, but I never took the time to see what it was actually about.

In the fall of 2016, I started attending a weekly meditation class that was given by a Reiki Grand Master who also offered Reiki classes. By then, I was curious and so I decided to take her Reiki 1 class. It was interesting and I learned how to give myself Reiki, yet it still didn’t quite click for me. Fast forward four months later. I decided to retake the Reiki 1 class with the same teacher and this time it resonated with me. I was ready!

For the next two years, I continued taking classes for all nine levels, becoming a certified Grandmaster. I was doing it purely for personal interest and I enjoyed giving Reiki to myself, to my family, and to my friends.

In January 2019, I spontaneously volunteered to give Reiki at a wellness centre for cancer patients and their caregivers. Now, I was giving one-hour Reiki sessions to complete strangers and I discovered how much I enjoyed the process. The time flew by. It was total bliss. Many of the clients were what I call ‘newbies’ and though they had never received Reiki before, most were amazed at the experience and couldn’t believe how relaxed and good they felt after the session. I couldn’t wait to go back every week and always left the West Island Cancer Wellness Center feeling so happy inside.

This experience was the catalyst that led to my Reiki practice: Reiki4u.