"I’ve had the good fortune of receiving Reiki healing from Joanne for both myself and for my meditation group that she assisted during the early months of the pandemic. Joanne is a natural channel for healing energy. She holds energetic space extremely well and infuses each session with love, compassion, non-judgement and reverence. Her deep commitment to the practice and to the well being of others fosters a safe and effective treatment experience. Choosing Joanne as your Reiki practitioner is saying YES to a magical experience."

Debbie M.

"A reiki moment with Joanne is a sublime moment of connectedness. It is like a deep dive of letting-go into a nurtured spaciousness of love and profound calm. You emerge renewed and recalibrated with your heart and your true self. Absolutely highly recommended for your spiritual path"

Sheryl H.

"I was going through a difficult time both physically and emotionally and Joanne offered to perform Reiki on me. I had both in person and remote sessions. Every time, I experienced a sense of overall warmth and a deep state of relaxation – one time, I even fell asleep. Joanne’s gentle touch and comforting voice were a tremendous help to me. I highly recommend it – and her!"

Susie S.

"Je me nomme Luc B et je suis des sessions de Reiki à distance avec Joanne depuis quelques mois. Chaque session m’apporte un grand calme et diminue grandement mon anxiété. Chaque méditation m’amène à prendre conscience de mon corps et de tout ce qui l’entoure. Cela me ramène à l’essentiel, au moment présent. Une expérience extraordinaire que je recommande à tous."

Luc B.

"Receiving Reiki from Joanne is a gift from the universe. Pure bliss. Jo is intuitive and connected to spirit and it is a beautiful healing journey."

Lesley H.